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Almost Vanilla TTT Rules
RULE #0: Staff have the final say.
If you take issue with the way a situation is handled, file a Staff Report on the AVG TTT forums.


Random Death Match (RDM)
-RDM is not acceptable. RDMing will result in an appropriate amount of slays, as seen below.
-RDMing a Traitor or Detective will be 2 slays, while RDMing an innocent will be 1 slay
-RDMing includes: damaging/killing with props, explosive barrels, fall damage, grenades, traps, hitting, or shooting another player
-RDMing AFKs is only allowed in overtime.
-Revenge RDM isn’t allowed. Contact staff to handle someone who has RDMed you with @ or !report.
-Do not kill off suspicion at any time. This will be handled as RDM.
-If you are dead do not damage other players with props. This will be handled as RDM.
-3+ RDM’s in one map/one session is considered Mass RDM, and will result in a ban appropriate to the offense.

KOSing (Kill On Sight)
-You cannot call KOS off weapon, location, trail, player model, or any other cosmetic. The simple way to think about it is that you can only KOS someone that you personally see do something wrong.
-If you falsely KOS someone as inno and they are killed, you will be KOS and potentially face a slay.
-Walking over an unidentified body is KoSable after a verbal/written warning. However, carrying/pinning/disposing of an unidentified body with the magneto stick is KoSable immediately.

KOSable acts:
-Holding a Traitor weapon while unproven by contract or Traitor kill
-Shooting randomly or near a player
-Damaging a player by any means
-Attempting to prop kill
-Destruction of Detective equipment
-Implying/saying you are a traitor
-Carrying an unidentified body.
-Walking over or near an unidentified body (requires one warning in chat)
-Breaking/hitting Traitor testers
-Throwing discombobulators at players near places that they can take fall damage
-Throwing an incendiary grenade and dealing damage.

Note: The lights on Clue are not KOSable.

Ghosting, Metagaming, and Teaming
-Ghosting isn’t allowed on the server. This includes any use of third party chat.
-Teaming is where you actively know that someone is a traitor and you do not take action yourself to kill them when you are an innocent/detective or killing someone/following someone who killed your teammate You will be warned if caught using third party chat. If you continue to use it then you will be kicked and if it continues, then you will be banned.

-Racism is not tolerated. You will be gagged/muted accordingly.
-Harassment of any type toward a user who obviously doesn't like it will not be tolerated whatsoever.
-Mic/Text spamming will result in a gag/mute
Examples of spamming:
-The use of obnoxious binds/non traitor quick chat 3+ times consecutively will result in a warn.
-Flooding of the chatbox
-Repeatedly talking over someone purposefully in voice chat
-Playing music over your mic
-loud/obnoxious noises (i.e. Screaming into mic)
-Do not advertise other servers, you will be gagged/muted.
-If you use voice chat, we expect you to be able to speak English.

-NSFW sprays will be given one warning to mark as NSFW, then the player will be spray banned
-gore or anything illegal(CP, Loli, Beasiality, General depravity) will result in an automatic and permanent spray ban
Examples of NSFW sprays:
-Blatant porn or nudity
-Lingerie, underwear, or closeups of cleavage or butt
-Anything you wouldn’t want you mom seeing you look at
-The doxing rule exists for sprays. No personal content of another user should be used.
-NSFW Sprays must be marked as such via the !sprays menu. Failure to do so will get you spray banned.

-Names should be in English lettering and not be purposely confusing. You may be kicked if it is deemed that your name does not follow this rule.
-Do not copy others names/create similar names or homonyms
-Do not impersonate a staff member or another player in any way.

-Prop-Surfing is not considered exploiting. However, when camping in an area only accessible through prop-surfing, after 30 seconds of staying in the area you will be warned to move, then tped.
-When using the Blue Bull, any area only reachable by those means will follow the same rule as prop surfing
-Hacking is not allowed.
-Do not intentionally lag the server.

-No scamming pointshop items in any way.
-Exploiting our pointshop and inventory system will result in a ban.
-No begging for points repeatedly in chat. You will be warned then gagged/muted.
-Do not RDM for airdrops.

-Respect staff members. If you believe a staff member is acting inappropriately contact Mocho or one of the managers/superadmins.
-If you continuously disregard what staff say, and continue to break the rules, then you will be banned.
-You can contact staff using “@then the message”, but do not spam admin chat.
-Don’t door spam/door block in a way that no one can enter; this is kosable after 3 written warnings.
-Do not make false RDM reports. You will be warned, then banned for 1 hour after each subsequent false report.
-Do not metagame e.g. call out your traitor buddies or watch a traitor kill innocents. You will be warned/slayed and can be banned
-If you are gagged/muted and you leave and come back to get rid of it, you will be regagged/remuted, and if you continuously do it, you may be banned.
-Placing props in areas where they may kill someone is suspicious. However, if a player is killed by said props you placed, you may be killed and slain if it was RDM.
-Evading a ban by getting on an alternate account will result in a permanent ban on all of your accounts.
-Your name and tag must be less than one total line in the in-game chat.

Innocent Rules
-Proof is needed to KOS or kill any player, otherwise it is considered RDM.
-Do not plant C4.
-Do not Traitor Bait. This may cause players to kill you. If it is found that you are t-baiting in order to get someone banned, then you will be banned instead. If someone is following you, you can kill them after you have given them 3 typed warnings that are 5 seconds apart.
-Live checks cannot be used to kill people until overtime. You must give 3 warnings with ample time.
-When disarming C4, you must give a clear warning, unless it is under 10 seconds, so that other people can clear the area. If you don’t warn and it kills others, it will be considered RDM.
-Only the Detective can force players to test, and only while in overtime.
-You cannot claim areas.
-Last said can be used to KOS

Detective Rules
-Be active as detective. If you do not wish to be Detective, turn the option off in the F1 menu.
-Last said can be used to KOS
-You can force individual players to test only while in overtime.
-You may not room-claim.
-The golden deagle is not considered RDM.

Traitor Rules
-Do not work against your teammates e.g. calling them out or defusing their C4
-You cannot claim areas or rooms.
-While you’re alive, you can kill by any means necessary.

Map Rules:
-TTT_BikiniBottom: Picking up or walking around with the pencil is KOSable
-TTT_Clue_Se: Turning off the lights is not KOSable
-TTT_Crummycradle:Placing an Unid’d body into the breadmaker is KOSable
-TTT_Lunar_Base_v2a:Carrying the banana is KOSable
-TTT_Minecraft_b5:Placing the Golden Block outside of a reachable area is KOSable
TTT_Rooftops: Carrying/charging the axe is considered KOSable
TTT_BB_Suburbia: Attempting to kill someone with the swings is KOSable
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